Thursday, July 24, 2008

What I wore...

I forgot my camera the night Mr. and I went out to dinner for our Anniversary. We went to Severn Inn, which is a local restaurant and on our side of the Severn River bridge and less than 5 minutes from our house. This place has (in my opinion) the best water view for dinner. Surprisingly there are not many places to eat outside on the water here in Annapolis. Even though Severn Inn is close to home we don't go there often - the food is just OK and expensive and they don't have a child's menu if you can imagine! It's a shame it's not more family friendly given the location. I've asked the management why that is and they say it's by design. And THAT is why we don't go there very often!

And this is what I wore.

You guys must get so tired of seeing me wear basically the same outfit all the time! Seriously, how many times have I worn these white capri jeans this summer and now that I have 4 different colors of this same shirt it's one color or the other and then of course the Lisa dress that I have in all available colors! Boring and so predictable - don't you think?I have the red Lisa dress one on today. See... I wear it out to dinner and just to hang out or work from home. It's the best!
Who else loves the Lisa dress as much as I do??

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