Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I love me some Orville Redenbacher!

Growing up my mom never ever let us eat junk - OK so maybe on occasion but not very often.

One of the treats she did allow us to have on a regular basis is popcorn. And when I say popcorn I don't mean the cool little microwave popcorn bags that we conveniently have these days - I mean on the stove popcorn with oil and kernels that came in a jar or later the cool, hot air popcorn which was much healthier. We didn't have the convenience of a microwave when I was growing up!

So my fond memories of childhood include Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn and imagine my surprise when a few weeks ago I got a great popcorn sample in the mail from Orville Redenbacher. The sample came with the perfect popcorn bowl.

As a parent I struggle every day with healthy snacks. I don't buy cookies, chips or candy for my children and they are lucky if they get propel water for sports and camp. Soda is a huge treat for them and they don't get it from me. My parents let them have it when they are at their house - yes, the same mom that didn't let ME have any junk growing up now lets my kids have whatever they want!
I do allow my children to have popcorn. I pop 2 or 3 bags of microwave popcorn and store in a plastic container and pack it for them as their treat in their lunches and they love it. It's not that they don't love chips and cookies and other high fat snacks it's just that while I still maintain a little control I feel it's my duty to feed them well.

I'm no health nut. I love me some chips and cookies as much as the other gal and give me a ring ding and I'd be in heaven but I just can't eat like that. And I think more important I am trying to set a good example for my kids.

The beauty of popcorn is you can eat it in it's healthiest state (no butter or salt) and it's good or as we actually prefer it with light butter. The best thing about popcorn is you can add flavors to jazz it up for a little variety.

A few of my favorite varieties:

- light butter with salt AND pepper - my personal favorite
- light butter with cheese salt
- lots of butter and a little salt
- marshmallow and butter - baby girl's favorite
- marshmallow with chocolate chips - baby girl's all-time favorite and a HUGE treat
- or with light caramel sauce - bug's favorite

So of course now I am wondering...

Do you LOVE popcorn as much as we do?

Do you have any fun ideas/recipes for popcorn?

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