Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An intervention is needed.

I read in STAR magazine last night that Lindsay Lohan has a $2000 a day constant companion who is with her 24 hours a day - sleeps in her guest room - who is there for her to make sure she's not doing drugs and drinking.

I need one of these.

I need someone to just hang out with me to tell me to step away from the Swedish Fish or the potato chips when I am tempted. "Just step away, Kerry" is all they have to say and if I am desperate they can drag my ass away.


I am trying to stop eating sugar. It's not hard... it's fucking hard! I NEED sugar - not every day but maybe every other day. Not a lot just a little. OK maybe more than a little - a moderate amount would do just fine. But I DO need it.

And can someone please tell me WHY I love potato chips so much? All flavors and kinds. I enjoy the cheap ones and the gourmet kind just the same. And I can't just have a few... I have to eat the whole damn bag or it will haunt me.

See? I need an intervention.

Maybe hypnosis will work... do you think?


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