Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The problem with writing a blog for work is you never know what might rub someone the wrong way. I read an article about office manners on nytimes.com that I thought was funny and appropriate enough so I reposted it on our blog. I thought about taking out the last little bit about tinkle on the seat in the ladies room but left it in to maintain the integrity of the author's original article. Monday and Friday are reserved for frilly silly posts that are meant to be entertaining and easy to read. My boss's boss (who is very conservative) thought it was most definitely inappropriate.


I was trying to add a little pizazz to what seems like a very boring blog at times. Blogs are not supposed to be so stuffy and CORPORATE! And I thought who hasn't encountered this - it's annoying right? And certainly it's an issue if you have ever worked in an office before, right?

It's hard to please everyone all of the time isn't it?

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