Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The best dress eva!

My new Lisa dress from J.Crew came yesterday - the UPS man cooperated nicely and waited until Mr. left to get his hair cut before dropping the box off.

The dress is divine. It is so comfortable and I'd say it qualifies as one of the J.Crew miracle boob dresses which makes it even better! I'll spare you all yet another photo of my boobs. I also found the perfect pair of flip flops to wear with the dress in that missing bin of summer shoes.

Oddly enough look at this post from June of last year. These 2 dresses are just about identitcal from J.Crew... the only difference is last year's version I couldn't wear a bra and this year's version I can. I like this year's version MUCH better for that reason!

On another note - out of no where I got a headache today. The kind that all you want to do is close your eyes and try to sleep. And it sucks because I have two more meetings today and I can't even think about closing my eyes for the next 3 hours.

Check out what I was doing on July 2, 2007 !

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