Friday, May 30, 2008

We all have embarassing moments...

Mariah... I think this may be grounds for divorce. I hope your new husband doesn't see this. You will never ever live it down. Just remember this though in a year when everyone you know has brought up your pathetic pitching ability for the 365th time - you looked cute and hey, isn't that as important as ability?


For the record I am not a Mariah fan - something about her makes me want to say, "EEWW!" out loud. And if I am being totally honest... she is probably a better pitcher than I am and I wouldn't be able to pull off the short shorts and hot pink satin jacket. So... you go girl!

John Hottie Mayer

This man is so freakin' sexy I just can't stand it. Do you think he and Jennifer will stay together?

I work.

Dear "Friend,"

I work and I work hard all day long. I enjoy working and that's why I work. Even better I love my job... so I work. Even better than that I get to work from the comfort of my home.

No, I don't take naps or go to the gym or shopping in the middle of the afternoon. I work - I have deadlines and a boss with expectations. So stop calling me 5 times a day. If I don't answer my phone when you call, I am working. If I don't answer at 10:00 I am not going to answer at 10:01 or 10:02 or even 10:03 on my cell phone. I have caller ID I know it's you. I see how many times you call me. I only answer my home line while I am working if it is school, my parents, or Purple Heart (what would I do without their monthly pick ups?).

And, if you have the luxury to go out to lunch with the girls once a week but can't use your time management skills to get home in time for the bus - don't call me at 3:10, 3:11 and 3:12. I will not stop what I am doing to meet your kids off the bus and neither will Mr. or our babysitter. Pay for your own sitter.

And while I am at it... stop asking me to "type something up" for you. Get on your computer and do it yourself - if you can buy thousands of dollars of stuff on eBay I am pretty sure you know how to type. I don't care if it will take you 10 times as long as it would take me because I, "am so good at it." If you would like to pay me I will be happy to take on extra projects, but you will pay and you will wait because I work.

I am not your bitch... bitch.


P.S. Oh and by the way, don't plan on putting your daughter on the same soccer team as my daughter this fall so I can take her to practice, "since I am going anyway." I am on to you.

P.S.S. Your daughter is a bully. Everyone has told you. Just because she is smiling when she says something mean doesn't mean she's not being mean. She's mean.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


LOST is on right now... and I am f'ing missing it! 8 PM is too early!! What am I missing??

Damn it.

Thank goodness for DVR - right?

Was that not the best season finale ever??! So Jin is gone forever? Or will he be back on the island when they go back?

The writers of LOST are freakin' amazing!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Don't be shy - say hello!

So I checked out the keyword search activity for my blog today and someone from New York searched for "Kerry monogram Annapolis" and of course found my blog. I think I might know who it is but would love a shout out regardless... come on don't be shy say hello!

Which brings me to a question I wonder about... is your blog a secret or do you share it with friends and family?

While mine is not a "secret" I don't broadcast it. My family and Mr's for that matter have no clue what a blog is and if I explained it to them in detail they would still not understand or even care to read it.

My friends know what a blog is and when I tell them I have one they are interested and curious but they have never actually asked what the blog address is. So I haven't told them.

My blog is about me so there is nothing here that I am ashamed of... it started as my "journal." I always wanted one growing up but when ever I tried to start one I hated to see the mess handwriting that was inevitable when emotions are present. So I would rewrite my journal entries so all of the pages looked nice and pretty and were free of spelling errors if possible. Yes! I am serious. When blogging came around it was perfect for me. Spell check - hello!

Now that people from work (my boss at least) know about the blog... and visit sometimes to "check in" I do find that I watch my language - not that I really used bad language before (that much) but now the f word does not flow as it sometimes did in the past.

And of course Mr. knows about it... hell, sometimes he will read it to find out if and why I am mad at him by reading my blog (because he can be oblivious) if he has no clue but can tell something is wrong. It's how he found out I hated that he used to say, "where you at?!" A question (if you can it that) he would often ask if he was wondering where I was.

So... back to my question... is your blog a "secret?" Or is it open for whom ever might stumble upon it? Or is common and well known that you are a blogger -- and proud of it?

And one last thing... master Google searcher in New York... if you were smart enough to find me... please don't be shy (or a lurker)! Leave me a comment and say, "hey!" Because I am a proud blogger with great blogging friend!

Inspiration - it came from my...

Last night I was stressing about pulling a blog post from some body part for my work blog and at the 11th hour (literally) I did. It came to me during the local 11 o'clock news. Imagine that - actually learning something or gaining anything from the local news. I never watch local news because it's depressing to learn about who died on the beltway today or who was murdered or the rising gas and food prices. I usually watch national news if we are not at lacrosse or swimming or some other activity. So anyway - back to my blog post - are you curious what I posted about? The title is "Inspiration - where does yours come from?" The post is about Jonathan Lester. An amazing story/guy, don't you think?

But that's all work and this is all play and...

Inspiration for that blog definitely does not come from the same place as this blog. For example, I watched 48 Hours last night and it was about Polygamy... not an appropriate blog post for work - right? But "interesting"... especially the modern face of polygamy and the women featured on this episode... twin sisters Vicki and Valerie, and another woman all "married" to the same man with 22 children - in one house. WTH!? eew... just eww.

I love the show Big Love - and I joke with Mr. about bringing on a "sister wife" to help around the house. His first thought was, "yeah, baby bring it on..." and then he realized that would be two wives bitching at him 24 hours a day 7 days a week. His own personal hell!

Do you know any polygamists? What about swingers - are swingers as gross or equally gross as polygamists? That new show Swingtown is coming to CBS June 5 and I don't think I can bring myself to watch it. The trailer scares me... it seems like such a dark world. Am I a prude?

And speaking of Big Love - when does it come back on? Now that Grey's is over and Lost is ending tomorrow I need something to look forward to!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bad to the bone...

It was a long weekend here in Annapolis, MD and today I was more tired than I was last Friday so I had nothing. Nothing to share today. It was all work and no play for me today but tomorrow - well that will be another story I'm sure. I have to find a creative spark in me somewhere because I am due to post on my work blog and that can't be about my favorite J.Crew find or the silliness of my life... it actually has to appear to be intelligent in some way or another... I guess I will be pulling that post out of my ass at the 11th hour!

So this past weekend we/I...

agreed to be the new web master for our swim team web site

went to dinner at friends Friday night

said "those (funny) cigarettes sure smell good"

...was laughed at (who knew they weren't funny cigarettes and who knew my friends "smoked!")

was laughed at again when I told our friends of our kid's chore charts (imagine expecting your child to be nice, pick up after themselves, and not talk back... silly me!)

got really, really drunk from a glass of white wine (or two or three) too many (the last glass
always seems like such a fun idea... at the time!)

texted (is that a word?) my running partner at midnight to tell her I couldn't run because I would surely be hung over

put the kids to bet at midnight - they were with us at our friend's house - awake the whole time!

won the bad mom of the evening award

woke up at 4 AM with a rockin' headache

took a tylenol PM

fell back asleep

declined Mr.'s invitation to go strawberry picking (good thing one of us didn't get drunk the night before)

got my lazy ass out of bed around 9, only to plop my lazy ass in front of the tv and drank about a gallon of water

went grocery shopping

went for our first boat ride of the season on the Chesapeake (photos will be posted tomorrow)

drank more water

showered - put on my favorite black summer dress from J.Crew

headed over to friends for dinner #2 of the weekend

drank the most amazing strawberry daiquiris made by Mr.

got home early and fell asleep early

woke up to the guy working on our bathroom (no the f'ing thing is still not done!)

had a donut and coffee with the guy's wife

made a strawberry pie

sent the kids to the pool with Mr.

got a shower - wore my favorite black summer dress from J.Crew (yes! 2 nights in a row!! eww right? oh well it's not the first time I've done this!)

piled in the car for Potomac MD for a cookout (that's what we call them in MD -- barbeque for y'all up north)

watched my children pig out on all sorts of foods they aren't normally allowed to eat

drank some white wine and visited with friends

served up my strawberry pie (rave reviews - first pie I ever made)

played the Wii for the first ever time

made a fool of myself but had a great time

told the kids I wanted a Wii (big mistake)

talked the whole way home to help keep Mr. awake (it's about an hour drive)

put my kids to bed past 10 for the 3rd night in the row (bad mom)

woke up without a hangover (must have been all of the water I've been drinking!)

putzed around the house all afternoon (no, we did not go to mass - bad catholics)

motivated to get to the pool with the kids

piled on the sunscreen... on the kids

got my first (and last) sun burn of the season (bad sunbather)

waited for Mr. to meet us at the pool and then left him with the kids at the pool

got home, showered and put on my pajamas (you thought I was going to say my favorite black summer J.Crew dress didn't you?!)

made dinner (nothing fancy... bad chef)

tried to catch up on blog reading... but didn't get very far

climbed in bed and watched the Bachelorette

waited for Mr. to come to bed but didn't make it and fell asleep (bad wife)

woke up at 6:15 to my running partner texting me - she wanted to know where I was - oops! (bad partner)

got an extra 45 minutes of sleep (ahhh... I needed that...)

got the kids up and out of the house

worked all day

went to Home Depot with Mr. and the kids and to dinner at Outback (hate the place! ew!)

now I am home and blogging... but it's a bad and boring blog post. Are you still with me?

Did you catch the theme of this post though... it was a great weekend but I was so bad!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Grey's last night?

Can you believe I feel asleep during the season finale of Grey's Anatomy? Out like a light - me... the person who has a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep 99.9% of the time... fell fast asleep and there was no waking me during one of my favorite shows! I am hoping I can catch it online... was it really good??


I watched it! I love that they are going to get back together!! I also love McDreamy's eyes and when he smiled at the girl on the operating table I wanted to kiss my computer monitor. And I am seriously impressed that Meredith had time to buy all of those glass votives and light them all too and that's after performing 2 brain surgeries and saving one life! Sometimes I wish I was friends with all of them and lived in Meredith's house and all. Looks like fun doesn't it?

Now... I am going to take a nap.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

YOU MUST WATCH THIS... this puppy SAYS Elmo!

This puppy really does say ELMO - you have to watch it!!

I'm over it now...

I am officially over the shock that David Cook won American Idol last night. It was a good shock by the way. I was just so sure David A was going to win that when Brian said David COOK I clapped out loud all alone in our family room. Mr. went upstairs to watch some war show or history show when he realized it was a 2 hour show - so it was just me - all alone.

So I have random - totally random comments - from the show that I would have discussed with Mr. if he had been in the room with me but he left me half way through.

1. I HATE David Cook's boots. What's the deal with those cowboy boots? They make his feet look HUGE. Weird and huge.

2. I loved all of the Ashton Cusher Nikon commercials. He's cute.

3. Was Ryan Seacrest dancing hip hop? Something's not right about that.

4. Amanda (weird hair weird voice) - drugs... didn't you hear drugs are bad for you? She looked high.

5. George Michael... I used to love that song, "wake me up before you go go.." he's just gone gone now.

6. Bryan Adams?! How long has it been since you've seen him!

7. Loved the Tom Cruise Risky Business commercials but David Cook's version blew David A's out of the water!

8. No I can not spell David A's last name and that's why I keep calling him David A

9. Did I see George Clooney in the audience?

10. Simon apologized - wow.

11. I like Chakeezie. Is that his name? Love him.

12. Michael Johns - good to see you again - I'm not in love with you anymore but it was good to see you.

13. Brook - eat a hamburger. You are too skinny. Way too skinny.

That's it.

Go David Cook - I'll buy your music - can't wait!!

Becasue I am still in shock...

I am still in shock that David Cook won the American Idol last night and therefore I am speachless this morning. Here are a few photos of my babies when they were babies!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Teacher's gifts... done.

We are fast approaching the end of the school year and it's time for end of the year teacher's gifts! I managed to complete this task this afternoon in less than five minutes! Woo-hoo!

Are you curious?

Here is what bug's two teachers are going to get...

And baby girl's lucky teacher is getting this one!

Three guesses where I found these lovlies...!

Preppy Petunia of course on Etsy - owned and operated Lisagh!

And of course because I love these little pin cushions I had to have one too! So this baby is staying with me!

Summer Swap info...

The preppy Summer Swap is coming up soon, and at the last minute I begged to be included and I lucked out to be paired with Katie. I noticed today she had her summer swap survey up and remembered I still needed to do mine so here goes:

1. Favorite preppy designers?

J. Crew, RL

2. Favorite preppy accessories?

flower pins, pony tail holders, anything monogrammed

3. Any hobbies?

Reading, relaxing and resting... and shopping.

4. Enjoy crafting, if so anything in particular?

Nope - I didn't get the craft gene

5. Favorite books/magazines?

Anything about the Tudors and chicklit by Sophie Kinsella and others.

6. Any other favorite things?

monogramming the unexpected, shopping, lounging by the pool with a pool boy bringing me my drinks...

7. Collect anything?

N's - as in the letter N (our last name starts with an N)

8. Any kids/pets?

8 year old girl, 6 year old boy, 16 year old step daughter who lives in CA, and a 43 year old man I call Mr., and 1 dog name Holly Golightly

9. Any allergies?

Nope -- unless laundry and empting the dish washer count.

10. Favorite thing to do in the Summer?

Boating on the Chesapeake, eating steamed MD crabs, cocktails with friends, anything outdoor if it's not too hot.

11. What most makes you think of Summer?

Being on the go... no school... the pool... swim team... flip flops and manicures!

12. Favorite treat/drink?

bloody mary's, frozen pina coladas, margaritas on the rocks with salt and white wine spritzers

13. Anything else your partner should know about you?

No - I'm not picky and pretty ordinary and easy to please.

Monday, May 19, 2008

For the love of...peanut butter?

Bug just told me that baby girl told him that her BFF Jenny told her that peanut butter is made out of horse hair. For the love of god my friends, please tell me there is no truth to this. I simply will go right over the edge if I find out that I have been feeding my children horse hair every living day of their lives. Please relieve me of my mounting anxiety. Please... I'm begging you!

First Communion Photos FINALLY

Yeah... I know... it's about time I posted pictures of baby girl's first communion, right? She had a special blessing the weekend Mr.'s family was in town which explains why she has a veil in some of the pictures and the flower headband in others - it was our compromise because she HATED the flower headband and was dying for the veil.

Michael and his 6 year old triplet cousins had a lot of fun the night before with the nerf guns and while he was spared an injury to his eye he was left with a "beauty mark" on his cheek that is now healing nicely.

Yeah... yeah... I know what someone out there is thinking... "can't believe she'd allow her child to play with guns... tsk.. tsk.." Who knew nerf guns could be so dangerous...

Weekly J.Crew Purchase and summer outfit #2

This outfit is making it's way to Annapolis, Maryland to be delivered by my boyfriend in brown sometime in the next few days... preferably on a day when Mr. is not working from home. I'm looking forward to warmer weather so I can venture out in this number. Speaking of warmer weather - it's May for crying out loud when are you going to get here already!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

27 Dresses

I just watched 27 Dresses... cute movie. It was very "In Her Shoes" -ish but cute and a "feel good" movie. Ed Burns... forgot how darn cute he was! And I can't wait to download the sound track from iTunes!

There you go... my weekend rental movie review for you. Now does anyone know when The Other Boleyn Girl is out on video? I couldn't get Mr. to take me to see it... it's been ages since we had a date night! Where's the romance dude?!

"It's important to look at your poo"

Did you catch that?

I learned today that it's important to look at your poo.

Yes, I really did just say poo.

Well... I didn't say that, nutritionist Gillian McKeith said that this afternoon on the BBC show, "You are What you Eat." Ever see it? It was on at 11 while I was eating my lunch (early) and I was shocked when she actually said, "It's important to look at your poo."

This show is shocking, hilarious, disturbing, and more.

They showcase an unhealthy person and lay out all of the horrible foods this person eats in a week on a table. The tables (I watched 2 episodes today) are a big mass of yellow - as in fried unhealthy food. It was disgusting. And then the "star" under goes a series of tests to determine their health status. It's no surprise most of these people are seriously over weight and in danger of all types of illness. But... did you know zinc contributes to your sex drive? I didn't... but it sure is good to know!

So this Gillian McKeith in her ever so proper English accent talks to the star about their poo at one point of the episode... she even went as far as to say to this woman, "You must be farting all day long!" That was when the chicken noodle soup that I was eating almost came out my nose. I hate that F word. When she said to this same woman, "your feet stink!" I had to giggle. I mean seriously - kudos to this woman for recognizing her unhealthy lifestyle and putting herself on TV for the world to see. I could never - would never. But then I also would never eat the way this woman eats or I guess I should say ate - because she lost "2 stone" in 8 weeks. She looked great - very healthy... but what the hell is a "stone" anyway?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

brush with fame... once or twice removed

So I think I've mentioned before that Mr. is in the medical equipment sales business - yes?

His most recent line of equipment that he sells is a Fractional CO2 (skin resurfacing) laser. He sells to dermatologists and plastic surgeons. And last year he was at the American Dermatology Association annal trade show and he spotted Dr. Will Kirby walking about - so he called me. Do you know who Dr. Will is? Do you watch or did you watch Big Brother season 2? He was the cute-as-a-button-no-muscles-dermatologist who returned for season 7 All Stars - remember him? The "evil" doctor? His show-mance (was her name Shannon?) scrubbed a toilet with someone's toothbrush in season 2...? Best friend to or "bro-mance" was with Mike Boogie? He (Mr. not Dr. Will - are you still following?) called me from the trade show floor last year to tell me he saw him. Pretty cool huh? OK... so maybe I am impressed easily.

Well... today he calls me on his way home from showing the laser to a local dermatologist to tell me he met and worked on John Locke's wife (she was having her skin lasered). Do YOU know who John Locke is??? Yes!! THAT John Locke! John Locke from LOST. How totally cool is THAT second degree brush with fame.

I can't help it - it's the little things that excite me these days.

God my life is boring - isn't it?

You can catch a glimpse of John Locke smooching his wife, Lori, when he won the Emmy for his role on LOST.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Holy crap! I am so embarrassed.

I. am. so. embarrassed.

I am so freakin' embarrassed.

I am so utterly embarrassed.


I am so embarrassed.


I swear. I didn't know. I thought it was, "when I eat beets I stain my sheets...!"

no.... thanks to Sarah I realize it's not "I EAT BEETS..."

it's "Body and beats I stain my sheets I don't even know why my girlfriend she's at the end she is starting to cry.."

Holy crap - how could I have gotten it so wrong? How?


I am sooooo embarrassed.


Lyrics to Blister in the Sun by the Violent Femmes:

(Verse 1) When I'm walkin' I strut my stuff, man I'm so strung outI'm high as a kite I just might stop to check you out

(Chorus) Let me go on like I blister in the sun, Let me go on big hands I know you're the one

(Verse 2) Body and beats I stain my sheets I don't even know why my girlfriend she's at the end she is starting to cry

(Chorus)Let me go on like I blister in the sun, Let me go on big hands I know you're the one...(Verse 1)When I'm walkin' I strut my stuff, man I'm so strung out I'm high as a kite I just might stop to check you out

(Verse 1) When I'm walkin' I strut my stuff, man I'm so strung out I'm high as a kite I just might stop to check you out

(Verse 2) Body and beats I stain my sheets I don't even know why my girlfriend she's at the end she is starting to cry

(Verse 1) When I'm out walkin' I strut my stuff man I'm so strung out I'm high as a kite I just might stop to check you out

(Chorus) Let me go on like I blister in the sun Let me go on big hands I know you're the one

If I eat beets I stain my sheets.

Do you love beets? I do. I just made myself the best beet and heart of palm salad for lunch. Low cal and healthy... can't beat that! (get it? can't beat that only it's beets that you can't beat...? get it?)

In honor of my love for beets here is the Violent Femmes song, Blister in the Sun for you to enjoy.

If I eat beets I stain my sheets... I'm high as a kite... I might just stop to check you out... let me go on... big hands I know you're the one! da-da-da-da dada dada...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The 411?

What's with the show The Hills? Is this a reality TV show or is it acting? I've never seen it but always thought it was just a regular TV show and the people were just characters and not real people? No?

And my next question is... about Lindsay Lohan. Is she gay? Is her girlfriend that yucky Samantha Ronson?

As Seinfeld would say, "Not that there's anything wrong with it!"

Just curious.


I saw this over at Faded Youth Blog this morning... I guess I am not the only one wondering!

A big old waste of food!

When I say buffet what comes to your mind? For some it's like a big old feeding frenzie and Old Country Buffet ... yeah,take THAT vision right out of your head because that's not what I am talking about here. I've never been to the Old Country Buffet and I will never ever go to the Old Country Buffet. Not that there is anything wrong with that place - it's just not for me.

By far the best "buffet" I have ever enjoyed was the Waldorf Astoria Sunday Brunch and at $95 a person - it did not disappoint with beef wellington, lobster, oysters, a chocolate waterfall and so much more. But they (The Waldorf) do not call it a buffet - it's Sunday Brunch. It was lovely and I indulged in a little of everything and ended the experience with about 6 different desserts that I couldn't finish. And,this past weekend we enjoyed a "Sunday Brunch" (aka a buffet) with my parents and sister's family for Mother's Day.

As I started to pile on the delicious looking foods available for my enjoyment, I decided that I no longer enjoy buffets. What a complete waste of food. I happened to get up from the table on Sunday to take baby girl to the ladies room and when I came back my plate was gone! My half eaten plate of food was taken away and a fresh clean plate waited for me to fill up with more food. I looked around at the plates of food at our table and at the surrounding tables and suddenly was no longer hungry. eew! The thought of all of the food that gets tossed into the trash table after table is a sin. I've decided to vote against buffets in the future... from now on I will be ordering off the menu.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Warning... long and boring post.

We had house guests this weekend. Eight house guests to be exact. Mr's family... my mother and father in law, sister and brother in law and their 4 kids. I am freakin' exhausted.

By Friday at 4PM I...

cleaned my entire house,

put things away that I've been meaning to put away for months,

made 8 additional beds,

and was showered.

The frig was full of healthy and not so healthy goodies,

dinner was prepped,

the dinner tables were set (kids in the kitchen - adults in the dining room),

and the kids were ready for their cousins to arrive.

By 6 PM...

Bug had been in time out twice - baby girl once,

bug had a Nerf gun injury to his cheek (he could have gotten hit in the eye - where did we get 4 Nerf guns anyway!?)

the house was a royal mess,

Holly (our dog) was scared and shaking,

there were two flies in our house (eeww) (shut the damn door people we don't live in a barn!),

and wet and some muddy foot prints were scattered all over the house (thanks to the rain).

My guests were complaining about the chicken tasting funny (it was pork),

refusing to eat angel hair pesto with pine nuts,

opening my newly purchased gourmet marinara sauce (without asking - I was saving for dinner this week - why couldn't they go for the Ragu?),

eating off of paper plates (who eats in the dining room off of paper plates?),

expecting dessert (that I didn't make),

asking what time the game was starting (what freakin' game?!)

and I was a frazzled mess about ready to have a nervous breakdown.

I sat downstairs with our guests after the kids finally went to bed for about an hour. They were all into some basketball game that was on TV - not talking - just watching. So I went up to my bedroom to watch Elizabeth - I joined Netflix (again) just so I could get this movie to watch. Great movie! I love how I recognize names of the people now. I am reading The Queen's Fool which is about when Henry's (the VIII) 1st daughter, Mary, became queen and how Elizabeth succeeds her... which is right about the same time of this movie.

Saturday morning I was no better off than the night before. I found having 4 adults, 1 teenager, and 3 six year olds staying in my house is enough to send me right over the edge.

By Saturday afternoon I had given up the "keep the house clean" battle. We had a barbecue at the house and with the help a bottle of wine I lightened up a little bit. We had close to 30 people at the house and I just had to give up on the flies, leaves, mud and other dirty stuff that was making it's way into the house. I knew the battle was lost and gave into the wine. I didn't even try to hang with the crowd after the kids wen to bed. By that time I was all but drunk (it only takes a glass or two - maybe 3 these days) and I was tired so I went to bed at about the same time they finally made it to bed (around 9, I think).

I was so darn tired yesterday so after Mother's Day brunch I came home, turned the TV on for the kids and snuggled in between them for a nap. They were happy to just watch TV and I was happy to snuggle with them on Mother's Day. I didn't wake up until almost 6 PM! Just in time to make the kids dinner and get them into bed - which is where I went too at 8PM.

Schools were delayed 2 hours this morning due to the horrible rain we have been having the last few days so we all got an extra hour of sleep - much needed sleep this morning.

So there you have it my boring recap of the weekend. How was your weekend?

Friday, May 9, 2008

No Cable + 5 kids = no fun for mommy!

It's raining cats and dogs here in MD today and our cable is flickering in and out and has gone out all together once already.

This scares me.

In about 6 hours I will have a house full - we have 8 people coming to stay with us for the weekend. My in-laws to be specific. My sister in law has triplet boys the same age as bug - I need Sponge Bob Square Pants this weekend. I need him. We don't even have an option for movies if the cable goes out because Mr. is technically challenged and can't figure out how to get the DVD player to hook up to our new flat screen HGTV (or whatever the monster TV is called). So no movies in our family room. And I - and it goes without saying that I am technically challenged - can't figure out how to get the DVD player to hook into our old TV downstairs in our basement - where the kids will hopefully be most of the time. That TV is 67 years old and I still can't figure it out. OK... maybe not 67 years old but definitely at least 15 years old. Basically what I am saying is I need TV this weekend! I need PBS, Nick Jr., Cartoon Network - all of the bad TV shows that I can't stand.

I need TV to maintain sanity so PLEASE, please, please Mother Nature and cable TV God, please help me out here!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blast from the past - oh boy!

I got the urge to look at my high school photos this morning after reading a recent post over at Tuesday Update.

Are you ready for a good laugh?

Let's start with Ninth Grade Prom...
You gotta love the Jessica McClintock dress don't you? How about the hair? And the makeup!

Next is Junior Prom... I was going for the Glenda the Good Witch look I think. Green metallic material?? What WAS I thinking? I wonder if I wore green eyeshadow...?

Moving on to Homecoming senior year. My RED lipstick matches my red dress and I am sure my red shoes. I think the boyfriend dedicated Lady in Red by Chris somebody at the dance.

And now for Senior Prom. What in the HELL was the boyfriend thinking with the cowboy hat and why in the hell did I LET him wear it? I will bet you he also had cowboy boots on. If you will notice... it's the same boyfriend. He was the anti-prep but I was in love. He was going to be a rock star and I was going for the "bad boy." We started "going together" in the 9th grade even though I wasn't allowed to date until I was 16. He "waited" 2 years for me... our first date was to see the movie Footloose. I think we even made out in the movie theatre. How tacky. eeew. We were together for years... I think we finally broke up when we were freshmen in collage. I saw him at our 15 class reunion and I about peed my pants when I saw him - what WAS I thinking??
Here we have my senior photo. Can you even get over the hair??? It was 1988 - do I need to say anymore? And to all of you young gals out there - all I can say in my defense is this was actually considered preppy way back then.

Moving right along to college. That's me in the middle. Again with the hair... the bigger the better at the time. I moved from wearing my pearls around my neck to on my dress. Those little dots are actual pearls on the dress... ha!

I had to throw this one into the mix too. This is summer of 1994 or 95 - so I was 24 or 25 - just before I met Mr. Do you see how freakin' skinny I am?

That was fun!

I feel like I am on antoher planet.

I am on a call right now for work and I don't know if it's me or not but I feel like we are not only saying the same thing over and over again but also that anything I am saying is not being understood... maybe I need another cup of coffee. Oy.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Does she even own a mirror?

I love Amy Winehouse's music. She is one of my favorite artists these days. So very talented.

But I wonder... when she looks in the mirror in the morning does she say, "Yes, this looks good on me" or "I am having a great hair day!"

I'm thinking she must not own a mirror. She couldn't possibly.

Like I said, I love Amy's music... her music!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's the little things that I get excited about.

I finally figured out how to download videos on to my iPhone... and so tonight at lacrosse practice I will be enjoying Juno or 27 Dresses :) How fun is that!?

The Long Pictureless Story.

Here it is Tuesday and I have yet to fully recover from the weekend - it was THAT good. I don't have pictures to share with you - yet. I have them on my camera but it's down stairs and my lazy ass is upstairs and I don't have the energy to make yet another trip down our steps because the last 3 times this morning that I ventured down I forgot to bring the camera back up with me. See... I am still recovering.

The First Communion was fabulous - baby girl looked beautiful. I had no idea it would be so emotional. When we went up to receive communion for the first time as a family I almost started to cry right there in front of the priest! The ceremony was so nice - long - but very nice. And with only a minor freak out on my part when I saw bug with his nicely pressed clothes for the day in a wadded up ball at his feet and with Mr. still in bed at about 8 AM when I wanted to leave the house by 8:30. I felt justified. Why is it that it all settles on the mother's head when it's "go time" in the morning?

We made it to the church in plenty of time but needless to say we did not make it to the 10:48 train out of town. I forgot I had to take Holly to the kennel before going to the train anyway so we had to rush home after First Communion to get her and to check in on the lawn people (who happened to be there that day) and the people who are working on our master bath remodel. We made it to the train with 20 minutes to spare and I was happy to have a proper good bye with Lilly - I felt so bad leaving her on her big day but she was with my parents who took them to lunch.

We made it to NYC with an hour to spare - the Waldorf was all that I expected! My pre-apology to Mr. was all for nothing. I didn't say one thing that I regretted! The wedding was beautiful. I didn't get any pictures in my dress. Yes. That's right - no pictures with my camera of me in my dress. The photographer took plenty but I did not. Bums me. But, oh well what can I do? My shoes killed my feet by the end of the night - it wasn't the heel - it was the front rubbing on my poor toes. So they will be put to rest somewhere deep in my closet until I forget the pain I suffered.

The next morning we had brunch at the Waldorf - have you ever seen the brunch there? It was quite the spread and at $95 a person it was well worth it. It was a treat to have lobster and beef wellington the day after a wedding with a slight hangover. After brunch we headed to the train station to go home to our babies. The weekend was not without drama though. There was a fatality on the track in front of us that delayed the trip by 3 hours. Our 3 hour train ride turned into a 7 hour one. What would make someone jump onto a train track? So sad.

Yesterday I recovered. I wanted to sleep in an extra hour or more but I was busy with work. I am so thankful that I love my job because if I had to go into an office it might not have happened yesterday! So I am back - pictureless. But back none-the-less.

Up next? A houseful of guests (Mr's family - oy.) and a first communion party this weekend ... and the drama for this weekend? It does not look like our master bath will be finished by Friday which means there will be 12 people - yes, 12 - using one bath for 3 days. I will officially be in hell by Saturday morning. Please God, give me strength. I wonder if I should pre-apologize to Mr. now...?

Friday, May 2, 2008

One wedding and a confirmation.

So tomorrow is baby girl's confirmation. And... one of my best friend's wedding in NYC.

Uh-huh. I am serious! No kidding...

We have to be at the church at 8:30 for the 9:00 AM First Communion and then we have to either high-tail it to the train station to get on the 10:48 train - that's if we are super lucky and the stars align in the exact way that we need them to OR we can meander our way to the train station and give our newly blessed daughter a decent farewell to make it for the 11:53 only to stress out as we approach the city with just one hour to spare for the wedding - and yes, in that spare one hour we have grab a cab to the Waldorf AND dress for the wedding.

Yup, that's right ladies... I am going to be a bundle of nerves tomorrow. Hell - I am already a bundle of nerves thinking about it!

Oh and hey Mr. ... I am officially apologizing in advance for anything I might say to you. There will surely be an, "asshole" here and maybe even a "f-you" there ... maybe even a, "f'ing asshole" if I am really over the edge and close to a breakdown. Just get me a glass of wine as soon as you possibly can when we finally get to the reception tomorrow evening. No questions, no proper hellos, just bee-line to the bar and grab me a much needed drink - preferably two. Oh and I love you even though it may not seem like it tomorrow around 2:30. k?

love these J.Crew shoes

Do you love these J.Crew shoes?

I do.
They are only $325!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's been 30 years since my last confession.

Baby girl had her first reconciliation tonight - she missed the scheduled date due to her stomach flu in February - this was the "makeup." As the kids were going into the confessional the teacher encouraged the parents to also take the sacrament to show support and to set a good example. I thought about it for a brief second thinking about what I might say... and then I realized I would have to go in and say, "Bless me Father for I have sinned. It has been 30 years since my last confession!!!" Seriously - it has been 30 years since my last confession. I am so going to hell.

One day detox update: Still going strong... although we went to dinner to celebrate baby girl's first reconciliation - and because Mr. is out of town and I didn't feel like cooking especially if I wasn't eating - and I had a glass of wine (so not good for the detox) with my salad. I ordered a double side salad because all of the other salads on the menu had "stuff" on it. So my daily intake was an orange, 2 bottles of seltzer, 2 cups of hot tea, and 2 salads (yellow peppers, celery and carrots on my at lunch and cherry tomatoes, carrot ts and cucumbers on my dinner salad). I am not hungry but would kill for a cookie!

Way too funny not to share - warning.

Warning - this video is definitely rated R but it is too funny! Mr. will love this (don't you honey?!)

This outfit from J.Crew...

This cute J.Crew Belted crinkle swing skirt and Linen-cotton henley tee (in white) is on it's way to my house as I type.

Do you like it as much as I do?
Doesn't it look comfy?

Expect to see me where it often.

My one day detox outfit...

This is what I am wearing today - I am calling it my one day detox outfit! :)

Yes - those are gray corduroys and yet it's May 1 but it's cool here in MD today and I am balancing the cords with flip flops so it's the perfect in between outfit! And obviously I am not wearing my jacket around the house - it will be perfect for later when we venture out of the house.
One day detox update...
It's 1:13 and I have not gone down for lunch. I am procrastinating!

A much needed detox.

Yesterday I ran in the morning (which was great) and then proceeded to eat like a piggy all day long starting with apple and peanut butter and Frosted Flakes for breakfast and ending with chips and salsa and a 5 pack of now & laters (my favorite candy by the way) at 10 PM. As I lay in bed last night and felt my stomach ballooning uncomfortably I decided I would take a one day detox - my way - today.

Did you know Beyonce lost more than 20 pounds on the Master Cleanse? Are you familiar with the Master Cleanse? There is no wonder how she lost 20 pounds - she didn't eat for a month on that program!! I've tried it before - I managed to last 4 days and then I had to eat! My father -in-law tried it and lasted 20 days - lost a ton of weight and said he felt awesome. Gained every pound back - so did Beyonce. The Master Cleanse consists of this really bad lemonade -lemons, Cayenne, maple syrup - it's eeww - a sea salt drink in the AM and a tea that scared me and is beyond "eeww." I wasn't "right" for days after (and that's all I'll say about that).

While some medical professionals will disagree, others say there are benefits to detox. Calorie restriction can lead to heightened feelings of psychological well-being. So basically what I am saying is, I know it's all in my head. Detoxing for one day might not REALLY do any good but it makes me feel better and that's what I need right now.

So am I really not going to eat all day long? Hello to the No! It's too damn hard to resist binging around 9 PM due to the hunger if you don't eat a damn thing all day long! I am shooting for water, green tea, and a nice green salad loaded with fresh veggies and sans (no) dressing (of course) for lunch and dinner. I am saying "NO" to sugar today. Maybe some plain celery for a snack later if I need it.

Do you think I can do it?

I'll keep you posted.

It's 12:40 PM - so far so good - an orange (for breakfast), one cup of green tea (no sugar no milk), and a bottle of seltzer so far today but I am headed down to the kitchen for my lunch salad... give me strength please... I am craving olives.