Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bad to the bone...

It was a long weekend here in Annapolis, MD and today I was more tired than I was last Friday so I had nothing. Nothing to share today. It was all work and no play for me today but tomorrow - well that will be another story I'm sure. I have to find a creative spark in me somewhere because I am due to post on my work blog and that can't be about my favorite J.Crew find or the silliness of my life... it actually has to appear to be intelligent in some way or another... I guess I will be pulling that post out of my ass at the 11th hour!

So this past weekend we/I...

agreed to be the new web master for our swim team web site

went to dinner at friends Friday night

said "those (funny) cigarettes sure smell good"

...was laughed at (who knew they weren't funny cigarettes and who knew my friends "smoked!")

was laughed at again when I told our friends of our kid's chore charts (imagine expecting your child to be nice, pick up after themselves, and not talk back... silly me!)

got really, really drunk from a glass of white wine (or two or three) too many (the last glass
always seems like such a fun idea... at the time!)

texted (is that a word?) my running partner at midnight to tell her I couldn't run because I would surely be hung over

put the kids to bet at midnight - they were with us at our friend's house - awake the whole time!

won the bad mom of the evening award

woke up at 4 AM with a rockin' headache

took a tylenol PM

fell back asleep

declined Mr.'s invitation to go strawberry picking (good thing one of us didn't get drunk the night before)

got my lazy ass out of bed around 9, only to plop my lazy ass in front of the tv and drank about a gallon of water

went grocery shopping

went for our first boat ride of the season on the Chesapeake (photos will be posted tomorrow)

drank more water

showered - put on my favorite black summer dress from J.Crew

headed over to friends for dinner #2 of the weekend

drank the most amazing strawberry daiquiris made by Mr.

got home early and fell asleep early

woke up to the guy working on our bathroom (no the f'ing thing is still not done!)

had a donut and coffee with the guy's wife

made a strawberry pie

sent the kids to the pool with Mr.

got a shower - wore my favorite black summer dress from J.Crew (yes! 2 nights in a row!! eww right? oh well it's not the first time I've done this!)

piled in the car for Potomac MD for a cookout (that's what we call them in MD -- barbeque for y'all up north)

watched my children pig out on all sorts of foods they aren't normally allowed to eat

drank some white wine and visited with friends

served up my strawberry pie (rave reviews - first pie I ever made)

played the Wii for the first ever time

made a fool of myself but had a great time

told the kids I wanted a Wii (big mistake)

talked the whole way home to help keep Mr. awake (it's about an hour drive)

put my kids to bed past 10 for the 3rd night in the row (bad mom)

woke up without a hangover (must have been all of the water I've been drinking!)

putzed around the house all afternoon (no, we did not go to mass - bad catholics)

motivated to get to the pool with the kids

piled on the sunscreen... on the kids

got my first (and last) sun burn of the season (bad sunbather)

waited for Mr. to meet us at the pool and then left him with the kids at the pool

got home, showered and put on my pajamas (you thought I was going to say my favorite black summer J.Crew dress didn't you?!)

made dinner (nothing fancy... bad chef)

tried to catch up on blog reading... but didn't get very far

climbed in bed and watched the Bachelorette

waited for Mr. to come to bed but didn't make it and fell asleep (bad wife)

woke up at 6:15 to my running partner texting me - she wanted to know where I was - oops! (bad partner)

got an extra 45 minutes of sleep (ahhh... I needed that...)

got the kids up and out of the house

worked all day

went to Home Depot with Mr. and the kids and to dinner at Outback (hate the place! ew!)

now I am home and blogging... but it's a bad and boring blog post. Are you still with me?

Did you catch the theme of this post though... it was a great weekend but I was so bad!!

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