Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm over it now...

I am officially over the shock that David Cook won American Idol last night. It was a good shock by the way. I was just so sure David A was going to win that when Brian said David COOK I clapped out loud all alone in our family room. Mr. went upstairs to watch some war show or history show when he realized it was a 2 hour show - so it was just me - all alone.

So I have random - totally random comments - from the show that I would have discussed with Mr. if he had been in the room with me but he left me half way through.

1. I HATE David Cook's boots. What's the deal with those cowboy boots? They make his feet look HUGE. Weird and huge.

2. I loved all of the Ashton Cusher Nikon commercials. He's cute.

3. Was Ryan Seacrest dancing hip hop? Something's not right about that.

4. Amanda (weird hair weird voice) - drugs... didn't you hear drugs are bad for you? She looked high.

5. George Michael... I used to love that song, "wake me up before you go go.." he's just gone gone now.

6. Bryan Adams?! How long has it been since you've seen him!

7. Loved the Tom Cruise Risky Business commercials but David Cook's version blew David A's out of the water!

8. No I can not spell David A's last name and that's why I keep calling him David A

9. Did I see George Clooney in the audience?

10. Simon apologized - wow.

11. I like Chakeezie. Is that his name? Love him.

12. Michael Johns - good to see you again - I'm not in love with you anymore but it was good to see you.

13. Brook - eat a hamburger. You are too skinny. Way too skinny.

That's it.

Go David Cook - I'll buy your music - can't wait!!

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