Friday, May 16, 2008

"It's important to look at your poo"

Did you catch that?

I learned today that it's important to look at your poo.

Yes, I really did just say poo.

Well... I didn't say that, nutritionist Gillian McKeith said that this afternoon on the BBC show, "You are What you Eat." Ever see it? It was on at 11 while I was eating my lunch (early) and I was shocked when she actually said, "It's important to look at your poo."

This show is shocking, hilarious, disturbing, and more.

They showcase an unhealthy person and lay out all of the horrible foods this person eats in a week on a table. The tables (I watched 2 episodes today) are a big mass of yellow - as in fried unhealthy food. It was disgusting. And then the "star" under goes a series of tests to determine their health status. It's no surprise most of these people are seriously over weight and in danger of all types of illness. But... did you know zinc contributes to your sex drive? I didn't... but it sure is good to know!

So this Gillian McKeith in her ever so proper English accent talks to the star about their poo at one point of the episode... she even went as far as to say to this woman, "You must be farting all day long!" That was when the chicken noodle soup that I was eating almost came out my nose. I hate that F word. When she said to this same woman, "your feet stink!" I had to giggle. I mean seriously - kudos to this woman for recognizing her unhealthy lifestyle and putting herself on TV for the world to see. I could never - would never. But then I also would never eat the way this woman eats or I guess I should say ate - because she lost "2 stone" in 8 weeks. She looked great - very healthy... but what the hell is a "stone" anyway?

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