Monday, May 12, 2008

Warning... long and boring post.

We had house guests this weekend. Eight house guests to be exact. Mr's family... my mother and father in law, sister and brother in law and their 4 kids. I am freakin' exhausted.

By Friday at 4PM I...

cleaned my entire house,

put things away that I've been meaning to put away for months,

made 8 additional beds,

and was showered.

The frig was full of healthy and not so healthy goodies,

dinner was prepped,

the dinner tables were set (kids in the kitchen - adults in the dining room),

and the kids were ready for their cousins to arrive.

By 6 PM...

Bug had been in time out twice - baby girl once,

bug had a Nerf gun injury to his cheek (he could have gotten hit in the eye - where did we get 4 Nerf guns anyway!?)

the house was a royal mess,

Holly (our dog) was scared and shaking,

there were two flies in our house (eeww) (shut the damn door people we don't live in a barn!),

and wet and some muddy foot prints were scattered all over the house (thanks to the rain).

My guests were complaining about the chicken tasting funny (it was pork),

refusing to eat angel hair pesto with pine nuts,

opening my newly purchased gourmet marinara sauce (without asking - I was saving for dinner this week - why couldn't they go for the Ragu?),

eating off of paper plates (who eats in the dining room off of paper plates?),

expecting dessert (that I didn't make),

asking what time the game was starting (what freakin' game?!)

and I was a frazzled mess about ready to have a nervous breakdown.

I sat downstairs with our guests after the kids finally went to bed for about an hour. They were all into some basketball game that was on TV - not talking - just watching. So I went up to my bedroom to watch Elizabeth - I joined Netflix (again) just so I could get this movie to watch. Great movie! I love how I recognize names of the people now. I am reading The Queen's Fool which is about when Henry's (the VIII) 1st daughter, Mary, became queen and how Elizabeth succeeds her... which is right about the same time of this movie.

Saturday morning I was no better off than the night before. I found having 4 adults, 1 teenager, and 3 six year olds staying in my house is enough to send me right over the edge.

By Saturday afternoon I had given up the "keep the house clean" battle. We had a barbecue at the house and with the help a bottle of wine I lightened up a little bit. We had close to 30 people at the house and I just had to give up on the flies, leaves, mud and other dirty stuff that was making it's way into the house. I knew the battle was lost and gave into the wine. I didn't even try to hang with the crowd after the kids wen to bed. By that time I was all but drunk (it only takes a glass or two - maybe 3 these days) and I was tired so I went to bed at about the same time they finally made it to bed (around 9, I think).

I was so darn tired yesterday so after Mother's Day brunch I came home, turned the TV on for the kids and snuggled in between them for a nap. They were happy to just watch TV and I was happy to snuggle with them on Mother's Day. I didn't wake up until almost 6 PM! Just in time to make the kids dinner and get them into bed - which is where I went too at 8PM.

Schools were delayed 2 hours this morning due to the horrible rain we have been having the last few days so we all got an extra hour of sleep - much needed sleep this morning.

So there you have it my boring recap of the weekend. How was your weekend?

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