Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Long Pictureless Story.

Here it is Tuesday and I have yet to fully recover from the weekend - it was THAT good. I don't have pictures to share with you - yet. I have them on my camera but it's down stairs and my lazy ass is upstairs and I don't have the energy to make yet another trip down our steps because the last 3 times this morning that I ventured down I forgot to bring the camera back up with me. See... I am still recovering.

The First Communion was fabulous - baby girl looked beautiful. I had no idea it would be so emotional. When we went up to receive communion for the first time as a family I almost started to cry right there in front of the priest! The ceremony was so nice - long - but very nice. And with only a minor freak out on my part when I saw bug with his nicely pressed clothes for the day in a wadded up ball at his feet and with Mr. still in bed at about 8 AM when I wanted to leave the house by 8:30. I felt justified. Why is it that it all settles on the mother's head when it's "go time" in the morning?

We made it to the church in plenty of time but needless to say we did not make it to the 10:48 train out of town. I forgot I had to take Holly to the kennel before going to the train anyway so we had to rush home after First Communion to get her and to check in on the lawn people (who happened to be there that day) and the people who are working on our master bath remodel. We made it to the train with 20 minutes to spare and I was happy to have a proper good bye with Lilly - I felt so bad leaving her on her big day but she was with my parents who took them to lunch.

We made it to NYC with an hour to spare - the Waldorf was all that I expected! My pre-apology to Mr. was all for nothing. I didn't say one thing that I regretted! The wedding was beautiful. I didn't get any pictures in my dress. Yes. That's right - no pictures with my camera of me in my dress. The photographer took plenty but I did not. Bums me. But, oh well what can I do? My shoes killed my feet by the end of the night - it wasn't the heel - it was the front rubbing on my poor toes. So they will be put to rest somewhere deep in my closet until I forget the pain I suffered.

The next morning we had brunch at the Waldorf - have you ever seen the brunch there? It was quite the spread and at $95 a person it was well worth it. It was a treat to have lobster and beef wellington the day after a wedding with a slight hangover. After brunch we headed to the train station to go home to our babies. The weekend was not without drama though. There was a fatality on the track in front of us that delayed the trip by 3 hours. Our 3 hour train ride turned into a 7 hour one. What would make someone jump onto a train track? So sad.

Yesterday I recovered. I wanted to sleep in an extra hour or more but I was busy with work. I am so thankful that I love my job because if I had to go into an office it might not have happened yesterday! So I am back - pictureless. But back none-the-less.

Up next? A houseful of guests (Mr's family - oy.) and a first communion party this weekend ... and the drama for this weekend? It does not look like our master bath will be finished by Friday which means there will be 12 people - yes, 12 - using one bath for 3 days. I will officially be in hell by Saturday morning. Please God, give me strength. I wonder if I should pre-apologize to Mr. now...?

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