Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blast from the past - oh boy!

I got the urge to look at my high school photos this morning after reading a recent post over at Tuesday Update.

Are you ready for a good laugh?

Let's start with Ninth Grade Prom...
You gotta love the Jessica McClintock dress don't you? How about the hair? And the makeup!

Next is Junior Prom... I was going for the Glenda the Good Witch look I think. Green metallic material?? What WAS I thinking? I wonder if I wore green eyeshadow...?

Moving on to Homecoming senior year. My RED lipstick matches my red dress and I am sure my red shoes. I think the boyfriend dedicated Lady in Red by Chris somebody at the dance.

And now for Senior Prom. What in the HELL was the boyfriend thinking with the cowboy hat and why in the hell did I LET him wear it? I will bet you he also had cowboy boots on. If you will notice... it's the same boyfriend. He was the anti-prep but I was in love. He was going to be a rock star and I was going for the "bad boy." We started "going together" in the 9th grade even though I wasn't allowed to date until I was 16. He "waited" 2 years for me... our first date was to see the movie Footloose. I think we even made out in the movie theatre. How tacky. eeew. We were together for years... I think we finally broke up when we were freshmen in collage. I saw him at our 15 class reunion and I about peed my pants when I saw him - what WAS I thinking??
Here we have my senior photo. Can you even get over the hair??? It was 1988 - do I need to say anymore? And to all of you young gals out there - all I can say in my defense is this was actually considered preppy way back then.

Moving right along to college. That's me in the middle. Again with the hair... the bigger the better at the time. I moved from wearing my pearls around my neck to on my dress. Those little dots are actual pearls on the dress... ha!

I had to throw this one into the mix too. This is summer of 1994 or 95 - so I was 24 or 25 - just before I met Mr. Do you see how freakin' skinny I am?

That was fun!

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