Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A big old waste of food!

When I say buffet what comes to your mind? For some it's like a big old feeding frenzie and Old Country Buffet ... yeah,take THAT vision right out of your head because that's not what I am talking about here. I've never been to the Old Country Buffet and I will never ever go to the Old Country Buffet. Not that there is anything wrong with that place - it's just not for me.

By far the best "buffet" I have ever enjoyed was the Waldorf Astoria Sunday Brunch and at $95 a person - it did not disappoint with beef wellington, lobster, oysters, a chocolate waterfall and so much more. But they (The Waldorf) do not call it a buffet - it's Sunday Brunch. It was lovely and I indulged in a little of everything and ended the experience with about 6 different desserts that I couldn't finish. And,this past weekend we enjoyed a "Sunday Brunch" (aka a buffet) with my parents and sister's family for Mother's Day.

As I started to pile on the delicious looking foods available for my enjoyment, I decided that I no longer enjoy buffets. What a complete waste of food. I happened to get up from the table on Sunday to take baby girl to the ladies room and when I came back my plate was gone! My half eaten plate of food was taken away and a fresh clean plate waited for me to fill up with more food. I looked around at the plates of food at our table and at the surrounding tables and suddenly was no longer hungry. eew! The thought of all of the food that gets tossed into the trash table after table is a sin. I've decided to vote against buffets in the future... from now on I will be ordering off the menu.

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