Thursday, May 15, 2008

brush with fame... once or twice removed

So I think I've mentioned before that Mr. is in the medical equipment sales business - yes?

His most recent line of equipment that he sells is a Fractional CO2 (skin resurfacing) laser. He sells to dermatologists and plastic surgeons. And last year he was at the American Dermatology Association annal trade show and he spotted Dr. Will Kirby walking about - so he called me. Do you know who Dr. Will is? Do you watch or did you watch Big Brother season 2? He was the cute-as-a-button-no-muscles-dermatologist who returned for season 7 All Stars - remember him? The "evil" doctor? His show-mance (was her name Shannon?) scrubbed a toilet with someone's toothbrush in season 2...? Best friend to or "bro-mance" was with Mike Boogie? He (Mr. not Dr. Will - are you still following?) called me from the trade show floor last year to tell me he saw him. Pretty cool huh? OK... so maybe I am impressed easily.

Well... today he calls me on his way home from showing the laser to a local dermatologist to tell me he met and worked on John Locke's wife (she was having her skin lasered). Do YOU know who John Locke is??? Yes!! THAT John Locke! John Locke from LOST. How totally cool is THAT second degree brush with fame.

I can't help it - it's the little things that excite me these days.

God my life is boring - isn't it?

You can catch a glimpse of John Locke smooching his wife, Lori, when he won the Emmy for his role on LOST.

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