Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Don't be shy - say hello!

So I checked out the keyword search activity for my blog today and someone from New York searched for "Kerry monogram Annapolis" and of course found my blog. I think I might know who it is but would love a shout out regardless... come on don't be shy say hello!

Which brings me to a question I wonder about... is your blog a secret or do you share it with friends and family?

While mine is not a "secret" I don't broadcast it. My family and Mr's for that matter have no clue what a blog is and if I explained it to them in detail they would still not understand or even care to read it.

My friends know what a blog is and when I tell them I have one they are interested and curious but they have never actually asked what the blog address is. So I haven't told them.

My blog is about me so there is nothing here that I am ashamed of... it started as my "journal." I always wanted one growing up but when ever I tried to start one I hated to see the mess handwriting that was inevitable when emotions are present. So I would rewrite my journal entries so all of the pages looked nice and pretty and were free of spelling errors if possible. Yes! I am serious. When blogging came around it was perfect for me. Spell check - hello!

Now that people from work (my boss at least) know about the blog... and visit sometimes to "check in" I do find that I watch my language - not that I really used bad language before (that much) but now the f word does not flow as it sometimes did in the past.

And of course Mr. knows about it... hell, sometimes he will read it to find out if and why I am mad at him by reading my blog (because he can be oblivious) if he has no clue but can tell something is wrong. It's how he found out I hated that he used to say, "where you at?!" A question (if you can it that) he would often ask if he was wondering where I was.

So... back to my question... is your blog a "secret?" Or is it open for whom ever might stumble upon it? Or is common and well known that you are a blogger -- and proud of it?

And one last thing... master Google searcher in New York... if you were smart enough to find me... please don't be shy (or a lurker)! Leave me a comment and say, "hey!" Because I am a proud blogger with great blogging friend!

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