Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I almost cheated on my J.Crew

Before dinner tonight (we went out for it) I went out for the mail and found the new Boden catalog. I skimmed through it quickly and as I did I started to feel really guilty. I thought to myself - love this stuff ... can't wait to SHOP!

I saw several cute as can be skirts, sweaters, dresses... Oh, the dresses! I knew I would be cheating on my love first thing in the morning. Not that my first love .. J. Crew of course wasn't still doing it for me ... of course I'm still hot for my J.Crew! With my Lisa dress there really could be no other but.... Boden... was looking pretty good to me.

As I walked into the restaurant with a warm tingle - you know that feeling, right? Warm tingle ... the tingle of love... but this time for another. Oh, the shame... I couldn't wait to get home for a second peak at the catalog. The Boden catalog. And as soon as I got home I poured myself a glass of wine and headed up stairs for a second - private peak at my potential new love.

I settled onto the bed ready... page 1... then page 2... 3...4...5... and then I realized there is no other love for me. What I thought was there in that brief time when I flipped quickly through the Boden catalog was nothing that would ever compare to my first love, my true love, my J.Crew!

Imagine... I almost cheated! Sure I found a dress I like that I will probably order but it will never ever replace MY J.Crew.

And to think I almost cheated...

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