Thursday, July 17, 2008


Mr. just called. He and the kids are about 45 minutes away from home and they had a great time at the beach. So I decided it was time for me to shower and get dressed! Eeeww.. I know it's after 6 PM and I haven't been outside or out of my pajamas all day. In fact, I was barely downstairs at all today - with my office next to our bedroom and no one to take care of all day - there was no need other than to let Holly out this morning!

So anyway this is what I put on for their homecoming... and they better be coming home with caramel popcorn and grape licorice for their momma! Those are 2 favorites from good old Ocean City, MD! Lilly is going to LOVE seeing me in this shirt. When she saw it at T.J. Maxx she MADE me get it! The outfit - nothing fancy or preppy about it but it sure is comfortable! The shirt is Juicy Couture - so maybe it's a little fancy :)

Here is a picture of my "cuter dog" too...

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