Monday, July 14, 2008

Totally Screwed by Delta and Travelocity.

profanity below and not for the easily offended!!

Yeah, that's right I was totally screwed by Delta and Travelocity. I am headed to Atlanta the end of the month to be on a panel for an event the company I work for is participating in. I was planning on flying home the afternoon of August 1. It turns out I need to be home earlier than the original time planned. Who knew Delta would charge me $180 to change my f*cking flight home?! Doesn't that seem completely unreasonable? And of course the customer service department is not located in the USA so I could barely understand what the rep was saying to me. NOTHING at all against this particular country but seriously... there is NOTHING more annoying when you are being royally screwed than dealing with someone you can not understand. At least they could tell me I am f*cked in English with a NY, Baltimore or southern accent! The poor man was very helpful and very patient with me as I went off on him with my "this is unacceptable" speech and he even waived the Travelocity fee but I still got screwed. F*cking Delta Airlines SUCKS!

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