Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Breakup...

It's odd... I've never been broken up with by a friend but I guess that's what happened yesterday. And YES I am blogging about it. I blog when something is on mind. I was just broken up with... by a freakin' friend! I think I am justified. I could apologize and lick their feet and it wouldn't make a difference now. Not that I would ever!

So this morning I was looking through photos from last summer (comparing swim team photos from this year) and I ran across a few photos of me and my friend (not him - his wife - because that is who I was friend with although we became friends with him too after they met and married) and my first thought was, I should delete these so I don't have to be reminded of the situation next time I come across them? I didn't of course. I am an adult and that would be childish - right?

I am wondering what do you do when you break up with a friend? Has this ever happened to anyone else? It has, right? I'm left with, "what the hell" running through my head... we are adults aren't we?

I promise... I won't keep boring you all with breakup posts. I just had to ask the question if this has happened to anyone else... because it feels surreal to me.

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