Friday, July 11, 2008

Hello... J.Crew? Where's my stuff!?

So if you are a J.Crew shopper you are fully aware of their web site trouble. It was a little annoying at first but hey, they are trying to make changes and improvements and I am not afraid of changes and you gotta love improvements, right? I can live with the slow site and am somewhat thankful as it may have saved me a few dollars in the last few weeks.

So what's my problem? My last TWO ORDERS have not arrived yet! OK, so one of the orders was placed just yesterday... but the other was placed about a week ago and I need my stuff!! Where's my stuff J.Crew??!

I ordered my bathing suit last week... because I want to wear it under a dress I bought last year to the swim meet this weekend. The dress is cut so that I can't wear a bra but if I don't wear a bra I have been known to pull a Tara Reid and that's just not OK. Remember ladies I was not blessed by the boobie fairy so before you gasp in horror about me not wearing a bra - it's OK because there is not much there to keep in place.

It's hot at these swim meets and I am usually timing - and timers are in the the direct hot heat for 2 plus hours - it's important to dress appropriately. I like to wear sun dresses to not only help with the air flow but to also help with the tan lines. I was the belle of the meet 2 weeks ago with my strapless Lilly Pulitzer madras dress.

So this is the dress I want to wear tomorrow and this is the bathing suit that I want to wear with it so I do not pull a Tara Reid in front of 300 people!

But I can't because the bathing suit is not here yet!
It's been a week... where's my stuff J.Crew??!
It didn't come today so it looks like I will NOT be wearing this dress to the swim meet tomorrow. I am so bummed. I just called J.Crew and they can't even provide a tracking number. I will bet who ever was in charge of this new system implementation is feeling the heat - huh?

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