Thursday, June 5, 2008

Top Chef - Are you crazy!

Did you watch Top Chef last night? Were you as shocked as I was that Antonia was cut?

For the life of me I can not understand how the Top Chef judges could have possibly sent home Antonia over that cow, Lisa.

Antonia is pleasant and has a great attitude unlike Lisa who is defensive with a foul mouth and a bad attitude. Antonia's food seemed much more consistent and more often than not the judges praised her. She won 4 quick fire challenges!

Lisa on the other hand has been in the bottom so many times I can't count and quite frankly Lisa's sucky attitude should have sent her home after episode 2.

What the hell Top Chef?

Did you hear what she said to Stephanie and Richard after Antonia was sent home? She actually berated them for not congratualting her for making it to the final 3 because she felt they really wanted Antonia to be there with the! Richard's response was funny - he was as shocked that she would have the nerve as I think the fans were.

She's rude. I hate rude people.

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