Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First official day of summer...

Since I had off yesterday - today was my first official day of summer because it became very clear to me how important camps and babysitters are going to be for us if I don't want the kids to turn into lumps of unintelligent cartoon blobs.
I don't know why, but I forgot to tell the baby sitter to come today and since everything in this house including cleaning, cooking, taking care of the kids, etc, and more falls on me as the mom and wife it was all my fault that the kids were bored out of their brains and fighting at the smallest glance of each other.

Luckily Mr. "picked up the slack." I say that half joking because I find it odd that taking care of the kids or house would be considered part of my responsibilities and anything he would do would be considered helping ME out. If it were not for him the kids might not have had lunch today. I had a busy day since I was off yesterday - just catching up on all of the little things that I wanted to have done by Friday close of business that I didn't have done plus all of the meetings I had scheduled for today.
Luckily we officially start our summer routine tomorrow with the baby sitter coming to take the kids to the pool, movies, bowling, library, or wherever... just as long as they are out of the house for most of the day I'll be happy. And then next week they will be in camps all day for 3 weeks straight and having a ton of fun I might add.

On another subject... I cleaned out my closet this weekend! I will officially go on record to say I don't NEED to buy a single thing for this summer - especially another pair of flip flops. I have every color of everything I own - including about 30 pairs of flip flops. So I do not NEED to buy another thing for the season... WANT is another story of course.
The good thing about cleaning out your closet is discovering all of the favorites from the previous year. This is what I wore today...

And for a splash of color I added one of my J.Crew flower belts :) even though I didn't go anywhere other than swim team practice bright and early this morning.

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