Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I don't know about you but I love to wear shoes without socks but hate that sticky feeling I get after an hour or two of walking around. So I was wear peds - you know what peds are, right? Peds are those socks that barely cover the bottom of your feet and in some cases they can't be seen - in other cases they peek out and more often then not they full on show - especially with ballet flats. I hate seeing the ped but I hate sticky feet even more. So what's a girl to do? I tried the old school Dr. Scholl inserts but talk about ugly.

And then I thought I found what I thought was the answer to my dilemma with the new (well not new anymore) Dr. Scholl's Self Expression Insoles. These seemingly harmless shoe inserts appeared to be the answer to my sticky feet situation. I bought 6 pairs and stuck them in all of my favorite ballet flats and all was good. All was good until I decided I wanted to take replace them with new clean ones that is. This is when I discovered they don't come out. I tried to pull them out of my Tory Burch ballet flats and not only did the sticky not come off - the sticky started to pull out the actual shoe insole.

Not good - not good at all. My Tory Burch, my MeToo, my J.Crew classics - all of them - are now ruined. So if you were tempted - just don't. Stop before your peel and stick. And if I can save one pair of cute shoes from demise then my work is done and I can live happily ever after.

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