Friday, June 6, 2008

Ass pants...

Do you know what ass pants are?

"Ass pants" are what Mr. calls patterned pants. I generally call patterned pants "preppy pants" but I will sometimes humor Mr. by also calling them "ass pants." Most of the time the pattern/material of the ass pants are not considered "ass" if they are shorts. In other words we don't call patterned shorts - ass shorts. And as a family we have been know to go out (on the town) each of us in our own version of J.Crew critter pants or shorts. There is nothing cuter than a pair of J.Crew critter pants on my son!

So back to the ass pants. When we see men walking around wearing patterned pants Mr. will sometimes comment on the degree of ass the ass pants might be - are you following? There are degrees of ass in his mind.

So I am dedicating this blog post to Mr. because you haven't seen "ass pants" until you've seen these ass pants... and the degree of ass is off the scale on some of these! These ass pants take the cake!

And speaking of ass pants - these were on sale at J.Crew (.com) - Happy Early Father's Day Mr! I hope you like your new ass pants!

And for the record - I love ass pants. And I love when a man wears them... they're hot. :)

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