Monday, June 2, 2008

Date night and sex.

You know what I mean - right? not sex-sex - Sex in the City sex. It was good. Very good. Excellent in fact. I loved it. I was a little worried because the first 3 minutes you get the sense they are going to over acting and trying way too hard... but then all of a sudden they get into the old flow and it's just so damn good.

Mr and I went out for drinks and a few apps before the show. Mr. also had the good idea of sneaking a bottle of wine into the theatre so we hit the liquor store before going to the movies. It seemed like a good idea at the time and then I was drunk... and with drunk comes hangover. So Sunday AM was not fun for me. I'd like to know when I turned into a freakin' light weight. There was a time when I could drink a bottle of white on my own and was just getting started. Those days are over. Now I think 3 glasses has to be my limit. The hangover headache is just not worth it.
So what did I wear for my date?

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