Thursday, June 5, 2008

I just love J. Crew...

Found these on the sale "rack" at J. Crew (.com ) tonight...

I think I have a pair of espadrilles like this from last year... they might even be these same ones but I can't find them. In fact, I can't find several pairs of shoes from last summer. I think there might be a bin of summer shoes of mine (and who knows what else) mixed in with the Christmas and other holiday bins. I hate the storage area in our basement... I call it the "bug area." Needless to say I am not very motivated to go searching for the missing bin - yet - I'll bet when I am frantically searching for the "shoes that go with this outfit" one day this soon I will get the courage to brave the bugs. Right now I can't muster the energy and these were on sale!

These cuties however are NOT on sale so they did not make it into my shopping cart... yet. Look how cute the crabs are! Do you think Mr. would want these for Father's Day... in a size 8?

These are also not on sale but the pink/orange ones that I have are too darn cute - so if they make it to the sale rack any time soon they are coming home with me.

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