Friday, June 20, 2008

Going public again...

on Monday!

I have my babies home with me. Lilly missed me - it was the first thing she said to me. She is so sweet. The first thing Michael said to me was, "why didn't you leave money in my store account so I could get a snack." He's so six.

But I still think he missed me and they both said they had a great time! They are exhausted for sure. They have a swim meet tomorrow AM bright and early so they will be in bed nice and early but the best part about it is they are going to be in bed at home and I can sneak in for extra kisses before I go to bed :)
Date night was very nice last night. We went somewhere local where the dress is casual so this is what I wore.

New shoes - do you like?

And this is what I wore to pick the kids up from camp!

Who has fun plans for this weekend??!

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