Monday, March 17, 2008

Purple Heart tomorrow AM

It's 9:45 and I just remembered the Purple Heart is coming tomorrow for a pickup... do I wait until the morning to take the bags to the door or do I do it now?

I know the answer... but do I feel like hauling my ass down to the basement to haul a few bags of old clothing and toys up the stairs? hell to the no! Do I really think I will get my ass out of bed an hour early to do it? double hell to the no. So what is my option? Do it tonight. I hope who ever ends up with 3 bags of my old clothes appreciates them!

That was wrong of me to say wasn't it? Not very charitable was it? OK... sorry. I am making my way down in one minute with a happy smiling face because it's not about me - it's about people who are in need.

Talked myself right out of that bad attitude...!

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