Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Not happy J.Crew... not happy.

My Dearest J.Crew,

I wasn't going to say anything - I didn't want to hurt your feelings. I didn't want to cause discomfort between us. I was going to "let it go." But I need to be honest - my feelings are hurt. Really hurt. You disappointed me yesterday. I am not sure if I can recover from this.

I ordered the lovely navy blue flower belt from you just the other day and I checked to make sure it was in stock. You told me it was. And yesterday when my package arrived I was so excited to see the lovely little accessory I so desperately wanted.

As I tore into the box I could imagine myself wearing it with my new cashmere tee-shirt and skinny jeans. I had no idea as I sliced open that box that I was only a second or two away from disappointment that would take minutes to recover from.

Even as I pulled out the last of the contents I thought to myself, "well it's such a delicate little flower it must be in the big box somewhere..." It wasn't until I checked the invoice that I allowed myself to realize the truth. Why didn't you tell me when I placed the order it is on back order until June? June!? How could you J. Crew? How could you!?

After all that we've been through for the last 10 years? After I have publicly professed my love for you over and over again? How could you hurt me like this? Don't you love me as I do you?

It will take some time to get over a hurt like this. I need my space - please do not email me with tempting offers of free shipping or discounts. Please - I just need time to get over your betrayal. Please... just let me have my space.

When I am ready I will be back as you are, and will always be, my first true love.

Until then,


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