Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dry armpits?

A naked bug walked into our bathroom this morning and we had an interesting conversation.

Bug: Momma...

Me: Yeah, bud?

Bug: I just realized my armpits are dry.

Me: Your armpits?

Bug: Yeah.

Me: Let me see...

Bug: (lifts both of his arms....)

Me: Do they hurt?

Bug: No, I just realized they are dry.

Me: Do you want a little bit of lotion?

Bug: Yeah.

Me: Lift your arms.

Bug: (lifts one arm...)

Me: Lift both...

Bug: (lifts the other...)

Me: Both!

Bug: OH! (giggles and lifts both of his arms again and I put on the lotion)

Me: Better?

Bug: Uh-huh. I just realized they aren't dry anymore.

Me: Oh good.

Bug: I love you momma.

Me: Love you too bug.

Now I ask you - have you ever in your life heard of dry arm pits? I wonder where he got this? It struck me as such an odd conversation - I've been giggling about it all day!

I'm off to hop in the shower and wash my stinky self! I have been sitting around (working) in sweaty work out clothes all day and I stink!

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