Thursday, March 6, 2008

My constant companion...

Every day after I come in from the bus stop and after I clean up the kitchen from our morning routine I get myself a cup of hot black coffee and head up to my office. Holly knows the routine... sometimes she will sit at the bottom of the step and wait for an invite up the steps and other times she just follows at my heels. Either way, she trots happily into my office and waits patiently for me to turn my space heater on and when it is on she will plop herself right in front of it and happily stay this way all day with me. Yesterday it was so warm out I had to open the window because I didn't want to turn her heater off and disturb her routine. When I get up go down for lunch she follows me down and then back up again. She has become my constant companion and I love it!

She has also (oh so) patiently become my main subject as I learn my way with my new camera!

is she sticking her tongue out at me?

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