Wednesday, March 12, 2008

J.Crew... oh, how I love you!

J.Crew and I are officially back together... well, we were back together this morning when they announced more final sale items and my favorite shawl collar fleece pullover for $19.99 was one of the many items to be found. But then... then... they really made me fall in love all over again.

Wait until you read what was waiting for me in my in box...

The kids had swim team tonight so I packed up my bag with my computer and Internet air card so I could finish writing content for a web site I am working on while at the pool. And, as I was struggling with copy as a result of a mild case of writer's block, I decided to check my email. By the way, if you don't have an Internet air card you really should get one. You can literally work from anywhere - the pool, the mall, the gym, the airport... anywhere.

So back to my story. I decided to check my email. I scrolled through the few new emails I had to see if there was anything interesting. And then I spotted something that made me sit up a little. The subject line was,"We have a belt for you!" Can you imagine my surprise when I opened the email and read that it was from a Senior VP at J. Crew? Surprise is not even the appropriate word here. I was floored. I was, as the British might say, "gobsmacked!"

Here is what the email said...

Hi Kerry--

Your blog has been the talk of our office...I wanted to personally get back to you and let you know that we tracked down a navy flower belt for you (coincidentally I am wearing the same one today!).I would like to send it to you with our compliments. Please let me know your address and we will get it out today.

All the best,

Name Withheld
Senior Vice President
J.Crew Group

My response? I could barely think straight - and obviously an intelligent, well-written response did not enter my mind so I went with my emotion...

Dear Name Withheld,

You are joking - right?? Please tell me this is not a joke...

I am so thrilled I can't even begin to express how happy I am right now - first that you found the belt and second that you are sending it to me. I can't thank you enough and can't wait to gush about J.Crew on my little blog.

My address is:

Annapolis, MD

Thank you so much - I am still in shock!


Her response less than 5 minutes later?

No joke! We will send it to you now...enjoy!

As if I didn't love J.Crew enough already? Well, now I am over the top for them.

In all seriousness... as a consumer I sometimes wonder if big companies really care about their customers. Oh, they all say they do but too often their customer service representatives behave differently. I don't want to pick on the customer services professionals because ultimately it is the responsibility of the senior leadership at a company to have standards of customer care and to ensure their standards are being upheld. I've never wondered if J. Crew cares about us. In the 10+ years that I have been buying from them, I have rarely been disappointed.

This senior leader at J. Crew went above and beyond to email me personally as a result of a blog entry that was written tongue-in-cheek. Was I really upset about the back ordered flower? Yes! Was I really going to "break up" with J. Crew? No! I love them way too much and the good has consistently outweighed any bad that I have or ever will encounter. They really do care about their customers. Cheers to J.Crew and cheers to the Senior VP of Marketing!

J. Crew... I love you (wo)man!

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