Thursday, March 13, 2008

J. Crew you are amazing.

If you didn't read last night's post - you should before you read this one...

I was in my robe with my hair still wet (the beauty of working from home) when I heard someone knocking on my door this morning at 9:30. "Who in the world...," I thought to myself. With a quick peak out the side window, I yelled to Mr. that he had to get the door because the FedEx was here. Mr. opened the door saw that the package was for me and made his usual man-like comment, "Momma's been shopping again. What is it this time?" He checked the sender's address and laughed. The package was from J.Crew and we knew it was my beloved flower belt. Mind you it was nearly 5 o'clock last night when I was emailing with the Senior VP at J.Crew and less than 24 hours later I am admiring my gift up close and personal. Now that is customer service at it's best.

Thank you again J.Crew!

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