Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I managed to get my behind downstairs to the basement last night to get ready for Purple Heart. And Mr. hauled the bags out to the front walk by 7AM this morning as requested by Purple Heart who didn't come until after 2PM.

Of course, Mr. felt the need to start rummaging through the bags and questioning me on why this or that was in there - he stomped into our bedroom after taking the bags out and wanted to know, how could I throw away a perfectly good pair of Lucky jeans?! Never mind they are about 5 years old and never fit properly anyway. I guess I should keep them in my closet because they "look like new," right? Wrong. They do not fit - I do not wear them... they are just making my already messy closet messier!

He can't resist. He does that everytime he sees a bag of Goodwill or Purple Heart things and sometimes will even take things out and pile them somewhere for me to find later. It reminds me of one of those old sitcom episodes - wasn't it a Leave it Beaver episode or Archie Bunker where the wife took an old plaid sport coat to charity and the husband moped around the house for the entire episode and then went to the charity store and bought it back? Ridiculous I tell you! I think if it were up to him I would never throw anything out because if it were up to him I would never get anything new.

MEN! Ya gotta love 'em. Right?

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