Friday, March 7, 2008

It's also been a while since...

It's also been a while since I've shared what I am wearing. Why? Because I don't go any where during the day any more and I am usually in gym gear or jeans and a sweater until I shower which has been at night lately. I feel like such a slob!

Today I did get up and shower first thing because I have lots to do this evening. I THINK we are going to Ohio to visit my mother in law who had surgery last week. Our travel plans shifted from last week to this weekend and now we are considering postponing again until Easter weekend because apparently it is snowing and and icy from here to Ohio - and travelling in that weather is not smart - right? If we go Easter weekend we can actually spend Easter with his family and that would be a nice thing since we NEVER go to Ohio for holidays - we always spend holidays with my parents who also live in MD.

At any rate... here is the outfit du jour. Nothing exciting - but it sure is comfortable! I'll be wearing my black Tori Burch ballet flats later to run errands but for now I am all about the fuzzy slippers!

oh... and hey... will you wish me luck that we DON"T go to Ohio this weekend? Please!

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