Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dressed to impress.

Easter is such a nice holiday. I love to see the kids dressed in their new spring clothing even if it was freezing outside and felt anything like spring in Ohio. I think it even snowed later that day. I have always wondered why Easter dresses are often sleeveless. It's never warm enough on Easter Sunday in MD to go without a winter coat so why sleeveless Easter dresses in the stores? Makes no sense to me. I love bug's sweater vest. He hated it. We made a deal that if he was extra good in church that he could take it off before we went to my sister in law's for dinner. He was good so as soon as we walked in the door he changed. In fact, we all did!

This was taken at my mother in law's house before leaving for church.
This was taken outside my mother in law's house before leaving -- it was cold!

I am calling this one, "brotherly love." Bug loves to hug on his sister... and she hates it.

The kids were so tired of pictures - as soon as I said, "OK" they were out of there headed for the car and their winter coats!!

But... of course I had to get one more when the sun came out on our way into church.

And... I meant to post a picture of the kids on St. Patrick's Day last week in their green of course. Bug was very sure to wear as much green as possible to the "lucky charm guy" would not pinch him!

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