Monday, March 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

I have never been so excited to see the "Welcome to Maryland" sign this afternoon on our way home from Columbus, Ohio. I love Maryland. I love Maryland so much I think I will never want to leave this beautiful state ever again. Maybe I will swear off all future travel so that I never ever have to leave this wonderful place ever again.

Oh... wait... that would mean I won't be able to go to NYC for my friend's wedding in May or to Martha's Vineyard this summer. OK... so maybe I'll just say for the record I am just really, really, really happy to be home from our weekend trip to visit Mr.'s family. Do I need to elaborate? No? Good.

The Easter Bunny did not disappoint us. He somehow found us in Ohio - man, that bunny is a smart one. He gave the kids a big water bottle filled with gum balls even though he knows we don't (often) allow the kids to chew gum. When the kids saw these water bottles filled with gum balls and my displeasure they were worried that I would take it away. With a big sigh, I voiced my unhappiness and said that I guess it would be OK since EB brought it. :) Mr. pulled me aside to ask me if I knew they were gum balls... duh. I looked at him like he was the child that he sometimes is and said of course but I was trying to make it seem like the EB was not really ME - especially since the cousins do not believe in the Easter Bunny anymore! Then I saw the light bulb go off in his eyes and he smiled (like a child) and said something about me being a sly one. Sometimes I wonder...

My sister in law's 3 youngest (she has triplet boys) do not believe in the Easter Bunny... they are 6! So sad don't you think? I hope mine believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa forever! OK, maybe not forever but at least for several more years.

So anyway - we are home and getting ready for our week to begin. Back to school for the kids - back to work for me.

Did you have a nice Easter?

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