Friday, February 15, 2008

You warm my heart...

So yesterday was Valentine's Day and even though I said yesterday that this year I wasn't really into the holiday like I normally am - in the end it still is one of my favorite holidays.

Some people don't like it because they are single and it's a "couples" holiday but when I was single it was still one of my favorite holidays! Why? Because going out to a bar for dancing and drinks with your other single girlfriends on Valentines Day is the best! It was the best night to meet someone because if they were a part of a couple they would have been with their girlfriend!
And then when you are a part of a couple it's a reason to have a nice dinner and I'm not going to lie - it's a nice reason to give and get gifts... and I am all about that! Sad... but true :)

Mr. - as usual - did a nice job on the gifts with Godiva and pajamas from Victoria Secret. He has learned over the years that buying a sexy number for me is a waste because I won't wear it... also sad... but true. He got a great cotton tank and pant set - perfect for me! I went to paint your own pottery last week and made cereal bowls for the kids and then went to the grocery for a box of sugar cereal - one box for each - their favorite - for baby girl coco pops, and for bug apple jacks. I think they were more excited about the sugar cereal than the bowls but hey - that's OK. They don't get to enjoy the sugar cereal very often so it was a good thing.

The kids gave their classmates a simple candy valentine - this year I didn't go all out with a bag filled with goodies. I kept it simple. And then we made the teacher's Valentines together... I bought paper hot travel cups with lids, made a "You warm my heart sticker" and put two packets of hot chocolate inside. It was a cute idea and the teachers loved it!

After every holiday is over I can't help but to ask when is the next gift giving holiday!!?

Does President's Day count?


Are you sure?

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