Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On Monday the kids and I had an afternoon date in honor of

On Monday the kids and I had an afternoon date in honor of President's Day - we saw the Spiderwick Chronciles (good movie!) and had lunch at my favorite mall restaurant - California Pizza Kitchen.

I always park at Nordstroms because we can park under ground in a parking garage and then we don't have to worry about our coats AND then I have an excuse to drag them through the malls and hit a store or two as we walk by. This was my first time at the mall since Christmas (ah, the beauty of online shopping) and I had a couple of gift cards burning a hole in my pocket.

My first stop was Blue Heron Bags for a new set of monogrammed bags. Do you like? Tan corduroy with black canvas - perfect for winter, spring or fall I think.

And next I stopped in Borders to pick up the book, "The Other Boleyn Girl." So far the book is great - I am only on page 64 though and I have 600 pages to go. The movie will be out soon and I hate seeing a movie before reading the book so I better get cracking!

Next, I hit Williams Sonoma for their Moroccan Slow Cooker sauce. You can't get it online or in the catalog and it's a great slow cooker sauce. All you do is throw in the chicken, green and black olives and dried apricots and the sauce and cook - all day. Serve it over cous cous and you have yourself a great meal. Make sure you throw in extra chicken so you can have leftovers.

Are you wondering why I did not stop at J.Crew? Honestly? I am not crazy about the spring line so far so I just wasn't drawn to go into the store - especially with the kids ready to go home. I have faith in my J. Crew though - they don't often let me down and I think in another month or two our love affair will be back on. I do plan to get a couple of items for spring but I will probably just stick with for these... this sweater and this belt have my name written ALL OVER them!

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