Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Time out!

Did I tell you I put one of the girls at Lilly's party in time out? I did. One of the rules was to not jump on the furniture. I came downstairs once and she was dancing on the couch - I told her to get down. I came down a second time (maybe 2 minutes laters) and she was dancing on the coffee table!! I told her to get down and sent her upstairs for time out. She knew where it was because she's been to our house before.

Rules at a slumber party you ask?! YES! Just 4 and they were common sense safety rules - no jumping on the furniture, no running in the house, no going on the steps with just socks on (hardwood, steep steps, and socks = injury), and be nice to your friends!

Mr. asked me if I was worried she would tell her mom - I hope she does! If the mom asks me about it I am sure she will love to hear how her daughter disobeyed the rules not once but twice!

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