Thursday, February 21, 2008

ooohhuuu hhhooo....

yeah - a jar of salsa and a stalk and a half of celery maybe not such a good idea. I feel... bleh... yucky.

On another note... I found out today we are headed to Columbus, Ohio to visit Mr's family. We are currently not talking to each other - but I am not sure he realizes we are not talking to each other. But officially we are not speaking to each other.

He wants to stay with his mother -- who will be recovering from surgery. I think it will be too much for her. He suggested his sister's house - they live in a small 4 bedroom 1 half bath house and have 4 boys - triplet 6 year olds. That would mean I will have to share a bathroom with not only my family but also 4 boys. Not going to happen. Not.

He then suggested his dad's townhouse... his brother and his niece live there too - it's a 3 bedroom 1 and half bath place. Again... NOT going to happen. HE then suggested I not go - yeah, right. If I thought I could get away with that... are you kidding me? I'd stay home in a heartbeat!

What's wrong with staying in the hotel 1 mile from where his mother lives? We can be close enough to visit with her - take care of her - but not so close that she has to take care of us which is just in her nature. She needs her space to relax and recover.


He can figure it out... but I am on record if he plans to stay with either his dad, his mom or his sister... I will not be going. Period.

And on a happier note... the kids are doing a snow dance. They want a snow day tomorrow. Ah, to be a kid again.

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