Monday, February 4, 2008

Not a football fan but...

I am not a football fan - at all - but I do like to watch the Superbowl and this year I'll admit I was exctied to see the Patriots go down in history as undefeated for the entire season. I also like to see the creative commercials and learning how much money was actully spent on these commercials!
Well - last night was a bust all around for me. Not only did the Patriots lose with less than a minute left in the game - the commercials were a bit disappointing too and I am not even going to comment on the half time entertainer (sorry Petty fans!). It just doesn't seem right that the Giants took the title from the Patriots so late in the game (sorry Giants fans!).
A few of my favorite Superbowl commercials were the E*TRADE Trading Baby 2008 and Justin Timberlake's Pepsi - Magnetic Attraction and the Planters Manstincts commercials.
My favorite though was the Diet Pepsi head nod commercial!

You can see them all and even vote for them at!

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