Thursday, February 7, 2008

I am really am that weird!

I was tagged by the most adorable Maggii over at MaggiiBleu LifeStyles to name 7 weird things about myself. This is not hard for me and I could probably name 14 weird things about me but I'll save the other 7 for another time.

OK here goes...

1. I prefer... and when I say prefer I really mean... MUST use a white wash cloth to wash my face in the morning. I use one a morning and the water must be really, really hot. I have two or three cloths in my linen closet that are not white (one purple, one dark green, and one that is tan) but I only use those if I run out of the white cloths. It must have something to do with being able to wash the white cloths in hot water and bleach. My children also use one white wash cloth each morning to wash their faces. So you can imagine what our white load of laundry is like... 20 plus white wash cloths every week.

2. I take really, really, really HOT showers so hot that Mr. can not take it and so hot that when I get out my body is pink from the heat. If the shower is not hot enough I just can't stay in. Sometimes the shower is so hot that I feel close to passing out (see? weird.) and then I will put the cold water on to cool off and then back over to hot before getting out.

3. I think Justin Timberlake is hot. See? I really am really weird!

4. If I really like an article of clothing I will buy every color -- and usually more than one in black. This goes for shoes, sweaters, skirts, jeans, everything. OK... so maybe that doesn't seem so weird to you all! I come by this honestly. Do you remember when velour was in style in the 80's? Or when those crazy deep v-neck cotton (or were they arcrylic?) sweaters came out -- I think The Limited had them. They had a deep v-neck and you wore a white t-shirt or a tank top under them and you were, oh so cool. Again - this is in the 80's for my young blog friend... keep in mind we also wore our hair BIG. My mother, sister and I all wore the same size and we had every color - and we kept them in our "shared" closet along with our Bermuda Bag covers - again every possible color and pattern, turtle necks (every color imaginable)... OK... seee???? now it seems weird to you, yes?

5. I get offended and my feelings are really, really hurt when I cook and people don't like what I cook - even if I don't like it either. That's not weird? Oh. Tell my husband that then, please. I swear that's why I hate cooking - I hate the rejection.

6. I don't get pedicures in the winter. I don't! I stop around November with one last pedi without polish. I start back up around March or April unless I am going somewhere hot in the winter. I have bare toes right now.

7. I love canned artichokes and hearts of palm so much that seriously I will buy several cans of them at once at the grocery and then eat them all that night. If they are in the house I can not resist them. For example - I found a 6 pack of canned artichokes at Sam's Club the last time I went - this was on a Saturday. By Sunday night (no I am not kidding) they were GONE. love them - I do!

See -- the weirdness is plentiful in me :)

Who do I tag? I am supposed to tag 7 people... I tag Mrs. K, Kerry (not me - the funny Kerry), Jessi, the WASP (where you been man?), Nautical by Nature, Amy, and Brie! We'd love to know if you are weird too!

12 minutes until LOST.... I AM SO EXCITED I CAN NOT STAND IT!!! Now that is not weird.

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