Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy 40th!

Not me!! not yet anyway... but someone asked me for my thoughts on what to get their sister for her 40th birthday and I just realized MY sister is turning 40 in April. I suggested jewelry - something from Tiffany's - you just can't get beat the blue box and white ribbon or a spa get away. These are gifts that I would like for my 40th in 2 short years.

But... if you aren't into jewelry... or spa weekends then these gifts would not have the impact, would they? And because my sister is not at all like me... I am left asking the same question that someone asked me!

What to get my sister for her upcoming 40th birthday?

She's not into jewelry, would not be impressed by Tiffany's, does not like massages (can you imagine?!), would never think about a facial, is not crazy about monogramming... basically nothing like me.

So what do I get her?

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