Monday, April 7, 2008


Thank God it’s Monday.

I’m serious. I am exhausted from the weekend. It started off with a migraine on Friday and ended with a headache on Sunday. Thankfully, I didn’t wake up with one this morning although I AM really, really tired.

I hosted a surprise bridal luncheon for my friend who is getting married in NYC in May. She and my other BFF came into town Friday night. We were up later talking and drinking wine Friday night and then we were going to shop on Saturday. That was how we got my friend to the restaurant and the surprise was a success.

Yesterday was our annual Marlborough Hunt Races “party.” It’s not really a party it’s more of a tailgate. But I guess a tailgate is a party - right? I didn’t take any pictures to share her because it was raining most of the day. It was a wet day but lots of fun!

And now the week begins… with a MEME!

Curly Girl Kerry tagged me with this fun meme on Friday so here goes!

5 Things...

What I was doing 10 years ago - 1998
1 – buying my first home
2 – getting ready to live in sin with my (now) husband
3 – starting a new job
4 - shopping
5 – turning 28

Five things on my to-do list today
1 – work
2 – laundry
3 – clean bug’s room
4 – fill out summer camp forms
5 – take the kids to swim team practice

Snacks I enjoy
1 – chips (it’s a love hate relationship)
2 – cereal
3 – celery (something about the crisp crunch)
4 – Baskin' Robbins Mint Choc. Chip ice cream (if I dare bring it into the house!)
5 – fruit snacks (if I am desperate)

Things I would do if I were a billionaire
1 – travel
2 – buy a second (and third) home (one on the beach and one in the mountains)
3 – fund the kid’s college
4 - shop
5 - invest

Five of my bad habits
1 – procrastination
2 – spend too much money
3 – return library books late (me too Kerry!)
4 – yell too much
5 – I stay up too late and don’t get enough sleep

Five places I have lived
1 - MD
2 - FL
3 - NC
4 - MD
5 - MD

Five jobs I've had
1 – waitress (I sucked)
2 – make-up artist for Clinique
3 – graphic artist
4 – membership director
5 – marketing communications specialist

I am going to tag YOU – if you are reading this and want to do it!

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