Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I hate eMusic.com - I need to vent.

I do. I hate them. And I hate the word hate.

They have been charging me $19.99 a month for the last several months and every time I emailed or called them to tell them to cancel my membership they ignored my emails or I couldn't get through to any customer services person. Seriously they offer NO WAY to reach a person when you call them.

Finally the other day I had enough. I emailed one more time begging them... threatening them... to respond to my cancellation requests. And finally they did with a snotty email I might add.

I am not saying it was ALL their fault that there was trouble cancelling the order - I did forget the email that I used to sign up in the first place but, you would think that if I gave them my name and contact information they would at least TRY to resolve the issue the second if not the first and certainly the 5th time I tried to contact them - right? No. It took the threat of me reporting them to the Better Business Bureau (like I even know how to do that) before they bothered to get back to me.

Seriously - who would even want to use eMusic.com when iTunes is so easy and so much better and FREE anyway!? You suck eMusic.com!

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