Monday, April 14, 2008


I just spent the weekend with a great group of women - we determined we are women (at nearly 40) and not girls... even though we are just girls at heart! The weekend was awesome - and when I say awesome I mean awesome. There were moments all weekend where our age was evident. Like when the limo driver turned the music on for us and we had to ask him to turn it down. And when we stopped for orange juice to go with our expensive (no cheap stuff for us as nearly 40) champagne and we decided to buy the low acid orange juice! Low acid - yeah we are getting older - and we got a great laugh from that.

We spent the day tasting the wine and talking about what we liked and didn't about it not gulping it and trying to further our buzz along. We took quick naps before our dinner reservations at 9 and enjoyed a fabulous meal at a fabulous place where 10 years ago we probably would have thought to be stuffy.

We tried channel our inner 25 year olds after dinner with a little karaoke. And when our choices of songs included The Carpenters, Neil Diamond, and Frankie Valli (Oh, what a night!), we realized we had to shake it up a little... with a little,"Baby got Back" and "Before he Cheats" by Carrie Underwood. One of the ladies was a fabulous singer who knew the words to every song played and we kept telling her she needed to go on American Idol but then we realized she's too "old" at 40!

At any given moment one of us would either be talking to our families or texting them on our fancy cell phones, a BlackBerry, BlackBerry pearl, or iPhone. EXCEPT ME! I have a nice cell phone but I don't have the texting "turned on" and I can't check emails from it. So now... if you haven't guess already... I want an iPhone... or a blackberry... but the questions is which one suits me best.

And here is my question - what do you have? Which is best the BlackBerry or the iPhone?

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