Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Search words - it's not all about J.Crew this time.

Every once in a while I get curious about key word activity for my blog. Typically 98% of the key words have something to do with J.Crew. For example I had the following J.Crew related key words for my blog in the last day... each several times...

j crew addiction
heart jcrew
j crew free shipping code
j crew outlet
love j crew
j crew new york
shop j crew
j crew
j crew girl
jcrew and me
j crew discount
shopaholic j crew

It's rare that anything odd will come up... do I really talk about J.Crew THAT much? (don't answer that) Am I really that boring? (don't answer that) I think I need to add a little spice to my blog so I can laugh out loud more often at the key word activity for my blog.

Today was the rare occasion and these are the key words that made me laugh today:

Mrs quickly boobs
sweater friend boobs
how to dry out arm pits

and those that are not as funny but I'll take them because they aren't all about J.Crew ...

hola lady
snl soccer mom jeans
recently started snoring
how many calories in a caramel machiatto
working for homegoods
more 38
college boy blogspot
how many calories in a vent hot chocolate with whip

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