Monday, April 21, 2008

And this is what I wore...

It was a beautiful day and night on Saturday so I was thrilled to wear a dress without tall boots or tights to dinner with Mr. and also to lunch with my mom and dad on Sunday. Sunday it rained but it was still very spring like and I didn't care one bit that my legs are as white as cotton balls. It didn't bother me one bit.

Here is what I wore Saturday night to dinner (Michael Kors black wrap dress)

and this is what I wore to lunch on Sunday (black J. Crew tie front dress).

And with both I wore this jean jacket adorned with a black flower pin. Can you see it on the collar? This picture was taken and then emailed to myself with my iPhone.

The outfits looked just about the same - especially with the jean jacket. But the Saturday night dress showed a bit of cleavage and the Sunday afternoon dress did not. Oh and I wore different shoes... kind of. Saturday night I wore patent leather ballet flats and Sunday afternoon I wore just plain black ballet flats. I also used different purses. Saturday night I used my silver J.Crew clutch and Sunday I used my magenta Kate Spade barrel bag.

But basically it looked like I was wearing the same dress and jean jacket. I am such a creature of habit sometimes it scares me.

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