Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just a few for me.

I was in NC this past weekend with friends and there is an awesome catalog outlet store there that sells J.Crew as well as other brands that I don't recognize. The game plan is always this - we go have lunch and a Bloody Mary (or two) at The Blue Point and then with a slight bloody buzz we take our first pass through the store. If we see something that we MUST have we buy it then but generally I'll go back a second time to really shop. This trip was no different! I didn't find a much to buy this time, which is somewhat disappointing. I saw many of styles that I already have (imagine that). They have a mix of this past season and last year's styles. In fact, my zebra straw purse and my flower belt were there.

I guess that's the bad thing about the lack of variety in my wardrobe. Maybe if I shopped somewhere other than J.Crew I would have been able to buy more.

My (very) few outlet finds...

See? Nothing fancy about this outlet store - the bag.

Please ignore the dirty wall in the corner. This is where the bag sat until last night.

Cute as can be polka dot skirt .

Silk-linen V-neck sweater - these are on sale on for $49 I bought mine for $24 - I bought an orange one last week at the store for $69!!

I saw this online when it first came out and almost bought it so I was thrilled to see it at the outlet. Can't wait to wear at the beach next week.

The best find of all - I love the colors in these shoes. These were $32!

close up...

That's it. Not bad, huh?

The zebra straw purse by the way is on right now at for $39

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